Getting Started


BasiCO is is finally available in pypi:

pip install copasi-basico

however you can pip install it using:

pip install git+

Currently there is one additional package available that provides support for PEtab and petab-select, that can be installed using

pip install copasi-basico[petab]


pip install git+[petab]

Use the package

To start using the package, you simply import it:

>>> from basico import *

Loading a Model

You can load either COPASI, or SBML files directly using the load_model() command:

>>> load_model('brusselator.cps')

You can also load a model by providing a URL:

>>> load_model('')

We also provide a number of example models, that you can directly load with the installation. See get_examples() and load_example().

Models from the BioModels Database and JWS can also be directly loaded ( jws_online, biomodels, load_biomodel())

>>> load_biomodel(206)

Interrogating the Model

To find out what is in a model, you could use the corresponding functions:

Analogous you can also set all of these, by providing the name of the element to modify:

New elements are added with:

And removed with:

Analyzing the Model

Currently the following analysis tasks have been included:

Saving a Model

Saving a model, is done by calling save_model():

>>> save_model('model_3.cps')

will save the file model_3.cps in the current folder. To export the model to SBML use:

>>> save_model('model_3.xml', type-'sbml')